Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello there, fellow gamers! I'm The Budget Gamer, and as the name suggests, I'm a gamer on a very tight budget and a very limited knowledge of computer hardware. I'm making this blog to document and share my experiences as I build a nice gaming computer from the ground up.

I'm starting with a Dell XPS 410 desktop I found a few months ago at a yard sale for $10. It's an old computer, nine years old as of this writing, but it has a decent processor (2.13GHz) and a PCI graphics card (i.e. not bound to the motherboard), so it's a perfect start for a budget gaming rig. Unfortunately, the previous owner removed the hard drive, so it doesn't have a storage device or an operating system. For the storage device, I'm looking at a Seagate 500GB SSHD (SSD/HDD hybrid). For the operating system, Windows would probably be ideal due simply to compatibility, but can be pricey and irritating to use (especially when something goes wrong)--especially on newer versions. I personally prefer the Linux approach because it's free and more customizeable, so I will probably be using Ubuntu for my operating system.